05 May 2013

Shireen Abdul Wahab will participate in Mawazine with Farid Ghanam

The star Shireen Abdul Wahab will participate in the twelfth edition of the Mawazine International Festival during a concert that  she will give on the 25th May. We note that Shireen formally requested from the festival administration to program the participation in her concert of Farid Ghanam , who was a candidate of her team in the program [...]


04 May 2013

Mohamed Mounir giving a concert in the occasion of Easter celebration at Ain Sukhna

The star Mohamed Mounir will give a concert to celebrate the Easter celebration in Ain Sukhna, on Sunday 5th May. He will sing during the ceremony for the first time the song from his new album, entitled “Dowal Wladak” , which was written by Noureddine Naji and set to music by Ahmed Farhat. On the other [...]


03 May 2013

Nawal Al Zoghbi will sing her new song in the show Arab Idol 2

The golden star Nawal Al Zoghbi announced that she will be the guest of the show Arab Idol 2 on Friday 17th May 2013, and she is expected to sing her new Iraqi song “Ghazelni” recorded some time ago. This song is the first of this kind in her career; it was written by Hussein Sharifi, set to [...]


02 May 2013

Ehab Tawfiq in duet with the Miami band of Kuwait

The star Ehab Tawfiq launched a new songt entitled “Ayzin Neich” in duet with the Miami Band of Kuwait. It was written by Bahaa al-Din Mohamed, set to music by Ashraf Salem, distributed by Anwar Amro and produced by Faisal Al Issa. Ehab is preparing to launch the video clip of the song “Tehessi B [...]


01 May 2013

Anwar Nour is launching his new song entitled “Am Betkhaliha”

The young star Anwar Nour has launched his latest title “Am Betkhaliha” which lyrics were  written by Mounir Bou Assaf, the music composed by Hicham Boulos and which is distributed by Omar Sabbagh. In this song Nour is imagining things about his girlfriend who moved away from him for another man, and what he could do to [...]


30 April 2013

Melhem Barakat will give a concert this saturday at the Atlal Plaza

The  musician Melhem Barakat is giving a ceremony this Saturday at the Atlal Plaza “Lebanon” alongside the artist Viviane Mrad. On the other hand, he is working actually on many songs for several artists. The last compositions signed by Melhem were the title “Ouyouni Bihebouk” for the young artist Sabine, written by the poet Nizar Francis, set [...]


29 April 2013

Mohamed Hamaki is performing at Cairo Stadium

The star Mohamed Hamaki is preparing a concert on the 5th of May at the Cairo Stadium Hockey Arena, and the ceremony will feature surprises prepared by the artist for his audience for the 10th anniversary of his artistic career. Simultaneously, Hamaki is shooting a series entitled “Al Mahdi”, produced by the “Egyptian Arts Group [...]


28 April 2013

Samira Said is the guest of the program Arab Idol 2

est  The star Samira Said will be the guest on the next 4th May, of the program Arab Idol 2. On the other hand Samira participated as a guest in the ceremony of “Enigma”, which was held yesterday in Dubai, UAE, and she is still working on her next album that will be soon released , and [...]


27 April 2013

Nicole Saba is singing today for a wedding and launching a new film.

The Star Nicole Saba is singing for a great wedding ceremony along with Mohamed Mounir, where she will perform during the ceremony many songs from her repertoire. On the other hand, Saba is launching these days her new film “Abu EL Nile”, in which she co-starred alongside Ahmed Mekki, and she will give a concert [...]


26 April 2013

Samo Zaen is preparing a new clip and will be soon in Italy

The star Samo Zaen is preparing to meet with his audience in Italy during a concert that he will give the 27th of the current April in Milan. On the other hand Samo attend  to shoot a new video clip and to continue the recording of the songs of his next album, expected soon, for [...]

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